D. Mitchell Taylor, Esq.

"Mediation and arbitration are inherently efficient and cost-effective processes and, when done properly, can achieve outcomes that attorneys and litigants will respect. and appreciate."                                 

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Mitch Taylor's 32 years of experience as an Attorney both in Federal and Superior Courts, and Judge Pro-Tempore, along with an advanced mediation training from Pepperdine University School of Law, has qualified him as a highly skilled Mediator/Arbitrator in resolving all types of disputes, including but not limited to matters relating to:
Business - Agriculture - Construction - Real Estate - Personal Injury - Commercial - Consumer - Business Litigation - Civil Litigation - Professional Liability - and more...

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Mitch Taylor has experience in representing clients both in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings.   He is masterful in providing a neutral playing field where all parties to a dispute has the opportunity to be heard.  He can artfully bring the parties to a mutual understanding that will benefit them equally and remove them from litigation and allow them to leave their disputes behind them.

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