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D. Mitchell Taylor, Esq.

"Mediation and arbitration are inherently efficient and cost-effective processes and, when done properly, can achieve outcomes that attorneys and litigants will respect. and appreciate."                                 

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Mitch Taylor has experience in representing clients both in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings.   He is masterful in providing a neutral playing field where all parties to a dispute has the opportunity to be heard.  He can artfully bring the parties to a mutual understanding that will benefit them equally and remove them from litigation and allow them to leave their disputes behind them.

"The Mediator you can count on!"

Mitch Taylor's 32 years of experience as an Attorney both in Federal and Superior Courts, and Judge Pro-Tempore, along with an advanced mediation training from Pepperdine University School of Law, has qualified him as a highly skilled Mediator/Arbitrator in resolving all types of disputes, including but not limited to matters relating to:
Business - Agriculture - Construction - Real Estate - Personal Injury - Commercial - Consumer - Business Litigation - Civil Litigation - Professional Liability - and more...

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